[S] Chinese Boy on Webcam

Guys, got a clip of a Chinese boy jacking on cam for today…

McFish Loves Asian Boys

[S] Chinese Boy on Webcam, 6.6 out of 10 based on 101 ratings


  1. Awesooooooooooome.
    I loved it….
    Great clip to start the new year
    Thank you mcfish, you’ve never fail us.
    Happy new year.

  2. mc_flurry says:

    Cute guy , very nice thin dick hahha

  3. Very good.

  4. nice body on this boy.

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  5. circpenis says:

    I love Chinese guys! Thanks for finding this one.

  6. nice and hot…thanks mcfish

  7. gioachino says:

    sexy guy!

  8. I want to seat on that hard cock and do a horse-back ride. Nice video clip. Thanks a lot McFish for another new year’s treat.

  9. cute

  10. fantastic!

  11. he looks so great. his penis makes me stupid

  12. thanks a lot :)

  13. wow cute chinese guy. thanks McFish!

  14. bryansteel says:

    I just love the ever flowing of hot man cum oozing out from his cock…

  15. Hotttt!!!! Luv it, tnx Mcfish, great for the new year!!!

  16. sweetmapplesuk says:

    yummy guy i luv it

  17. mmmmmmmm

  18. zliam59sf says:

    that’s was superb!

  19. krebs2012 says:


  20. he seems a little bored

  21. 귀옆다^^

  22. This is another nice hairy vid.

  23. jim hillier says:

    cute guy liked to see him smile!

  24. He is cute and nice body, I love it. Would be better if he stand up. Thnx for post him up

  25. good

  26. This clip is very hot………. I look forward daily for the video clip. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Yeeeeehaaaa…I wanna ride on that dick. His cum is nice and thick, not the watery kind. Yum yu

  28. I wanna ride it too! Fucking hot dick and great cum.

  29. brandane69 says:

    Yeah love his hot dick and nice body ~ pity he did not lick his lips ~!

  30. doc_strange says:

    He is cute. Thanks.

  31. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    Nice body and great dick, though he did seem like he was bored. Thanks for the clip mcfish

  32. wow =)

  33. This is hot!!

  34. He seemed bored.

  35. dreampurple says:

    he is cute, but does not seem very interested

  36. thanks McFish

  37. He’s a cutie

  38. putra_gay says:

    little dick

  39. love how he swings his hip. lol.

  40. cutenhette4real says:

    lovely chinese boy…

  41. nice

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