Tattooed Asian Guy Jacking Off

Hi guys, got a clip of a tattooed Asian guy jacking off for today… He prolly jacks off too often..not much cum lol

very busy as usual as has to find more content so I can schedule some posts during my Xmas holiday.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Tattooed Asian Guy Jacking Off, 6.1 out of 10 based on 158 ratings


  1. tawny_owl says

    Yeah the tattoo is just a mess and does nothing to enhance an otherwise nice body.
    Still, it takes all sorts…………….

  2. thailover says

    Two little diamonds of cum at the end……..quality not quantity??
    Tats, I know a lot of guys hate boys with Tats, but sorry I like …………..
    Another nice one McFish

  3. Jase says

    Nice body, but hard to imagine he’d be any fun in bed. And what’s with the odd placement of the towel over the legs? :)

  4. Robert says

    I watched it live and the thing on the TV is a video of him when he was a child I guess? It’s a child pornography but I don’t know the whole thing…

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