Tattooed Asian Guy Jacking Off

Hi guys, got a clip of a tattooed Asian guy jacking off for today… He prolly jacks off too often..not much cum lol

very busy as usual as has to find more content so I can schedule some posts during my Xmas holiday.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Tattooed Asian Guy Jacking Off, 6.1 out of 10 based on 155 ratings


  1. chinese_elmo says:

    super hot hot thank u!! ^^

  2. Unfortunately..
    Just a little bit cum..

  3. I think the tatoo Ruins him. I don’t tatoos at all.

  4. another hot guy, wish he was mine

  5. tele_arman says:

    dady… another hot dady

  6. chicken pad thai anyone?

  7. Yeah the tattoo is just a mess and does nothing to enhance an otherwise nice body.
    Still, it takes all sorts…………….

  8. Nice body, but quite a lot of puppy fat

  9. nice slim body on this boy.

    thanks mcfish! ;D

  10. nakedworld says:

    Hot!!! but too little cum ._.

  11. Two little diamonds of cum at the end……..quality not quantity??
    Tats, I know a lot of guys hate boys with Tats, but sorry I like …………..
    Another nice one McFish

  12. yummy! pappable :))

  13. Sup3rjuni0r says:

    nice ass , Love it :)

  14. berkeleyboy says:

    Too small amount of cum due to too much masturbation?????

  15. jhongjhong24 says:


  16. Supply running out!!!

  17. too little cum!!!

  18. Just right :)

  19. it is hotel wiang samran

  20. Super hottt

  21. Hot!

  22. Nice body, but hard to imagine he’d be any fun in bed. And what’s with the odd placement of the towel over the legs? :)

  23. nice face and body……….

  24. i can feel the temptation

  25. dylanraider says:

    Wanna fuck him and will make him cum like never before! Hahaha…

  26. AsianMen4Me AsianMen4Me says:

    Nice tattoo and skin tone. Face is not so good though.

  27. i like this muscle guy…wish to see him fucking or getting fucked…

  28. Great body let’s see him getting a facial!

  29. iloveasians says:

    handsome and he has a hot body!

  30. definitely a must have video ♥

  31. good clean fun

  32. hot ass

  33. nice love to have him..yummy

  34. many thanx

  35. whatswithangelo says:

    small dick but i still wanna suck him

  36. maybe he should have jerked off longer… more cum

  37. I suspect this boy is married because of a ring in his ring finger. But he is very hot. Still nice dick.

  38. beautiful cock and balls…

  39. he’s super duper hot!

  40. hot-hot-hot

  41. papa…..
    ……………………milk………… c”,)

  42. “Placemat” needed before you eat ritual?

  43. Andrewkhmer says:


  44. wendelinlin27 says:

    i like the cum……

  45. hot…lovely body..

  46. he’s really handsome

  47. love his small cum

  48. too little dum due to excessive of jerk off?

  49. too little cum

  50. nerd_cute25 says:

    hotness. little cum but love it still.

  51. kodomolove says:

    Small dragon

  52. so cute

  53. Super like this… Tattoos is hot… Yummy

  54. I wanna swallow his cum!

  55. Van Duong says:

    wow nice. where is he from ? thanks 4 share

  56. A Thai guy….. Not very sexy though….. Thanks McFish ✌✌✌

  57. littolostazn says:

    hot guy!!!!

  58. I watched it live and the thing on the TV is a video of him when he was a child I guess? It’s a child pornography but I don’t know the whole thing…

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