Korean Cam Boy

Hi there! Got this clip long time ago and just realized I have not posted it yet. The quality isnt great and the clip is a bit long too but the guy looks alright.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Korean Cam Boy, 6.2 out of 10 based on 202 ratings


  1. You’re cute,, oppa..!!
    Your Dick too..


  2. Oppa!!

  3. milk it babe, oppa style!

  4. he’s so cute!!

  5. he is so ccuuttee

  6. cute

  7. He looks great. I love it when they show their assholes. And Koreans are the cutest!

  8. He’s a cute Korean guy! ^^

  9. I’d love to have him in my bed- he looks adventurous…

  10. ilikethathing ilikethathing says:


  11. He gives true meaning to the expression “take my breaath away.” I almost dialed 911…..

  12. deliciously cute.

  13. yummy

  14. k1n9d0mh34rt5 says:

    is it just me or this guy looks so much like siwon? O.o

  15. omg

  16. He drove me crazy with his body !
    Love you guy.

  17. He is realy cute..but his thinking of his toungaccrobatic is quite unerotical for me

  18. Cute but odd :-)

  19. hawkster873 says:

    Very hot!

  20. soldierdick says:

    I love him very much. Love his cock.

  21. aaaaaaaaaaaaa so cute a hot guy

  22. Sexy Tongue & Yummy Dick. Hehee (^_^)

  23. kryptonite711 says:


  24. thank you :)

  25. berkeleyboy says:

    he seems to be an active sex maniac with his tongue acrobatics….hahaha

  26. Nice dick and ass

  27. cutee

  28. Yummmm

  29. yummy.

  30. wo yao

  31. rexsmithyy rexsmithyy says:

    yummy ♥

  32. Gr8t arse movement, all round special guy.

  33. I love it !!!!!!!

  34. qiaofagreen says:

    I find the tongue part rather irritating but they seems to like to do it! Cute boy! Thanks Mr McFish!

  35. Cute face, HOT body, great dick, but someone needs to stuff something in him mouth before he injures himself. The dude has no idea how LOL those tongue antics are.

  36. Sooo hoot with very hugable body

  37. love these Korean guys

  38. What’s with the tongue thing? its disturbing

  39. the guy is hot. ;D awesome body.

    thanks mcfish. ;D

  40. wow he’s great! Cute as well :) tnx

  41. tongue me more!

  42. AsianMen4Me AsianMen4Me says:

    Nice looking guy but very weird.

  43. oh shit I came.

  44. ♥♥♥♥

  45. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    stright guy agian in here hehehehe…oh….cute thank

  46. cute korean guy again,,i like it lol

  47. beauty69_des says:

    Very cute guy… great body. love the part when he was showing his ass… makes me so horny…

  48. soooooo hoooooooot

  49. I wanna see his clip…

  50. Love it all, cock, balls and hole!

  51. nice sexy body

  52. gabriel7272 says:

    Cool korean boy..

  53. iloveasians says:

    very cute guy!

  54. love to have him now …so sexxy…yummy

  55. sinacaresta says:

    OMAYFCKING GAWD! Thank you so much mcfish for the vids! Gotta download this! <3 I miss korean boys <3. Handsome face with hot body hmmm <3

  56. tongue-wagging pervert…hahaha

  57. this is so good. yummy.

  58. hot

  59. It is not downloadable (I’m on iPad) :(

  60. asianhunk_69 says:

    I love Korean boys! This guy is cute! And he’s cut, just like the first one!

  61. such a perfect boy

  62. Hot! Thanks for sharing!

  63. luvasia2009 says:

    38 minutes passed very very very fast.

  64. I wanna download it, but I don’n know how to register??

  65. 2 words, FUCK ME

  66. so like him :P

  67. johnjoe297 says:

    oh my, it made me sweat =)

  68. If only I had him

  69. nitecoffee says:

    cutie… nice to hv for bf ;-)

  70. hiddendesire says:

    wish he has the cock of the Korean on the next video….otherwise it’s great…. really wanna get laid w/ a cute hunky Korean guy………..

  71. he is hot..

  72. sweetcurious says:

    likey likey..yummmmmmmmmm

  73. it would be much better with sound

  74. Oooooohhh… love this guy. so sexy.

  75. omg i’m obessed with this guy! He looks so K-pop, and would be so fun in the sack. All those acrobatics!!!!
    Thanks MsFish :)

  76. Very cute, looks just like kpop

  77. sexy

  78. he is so cute and a good dancer…i think………i really enjoyed watching. Thanks McFish……….

  79. joseph_marco joseph_marco says:

    that’s hot!!!

  80. like him so much !!

  81. ♥ his hole!

  82. nakedworld says:

    I want more Korean boys!!! :D

  83. cute boy. I love his tongue game, and when he’s on the floor.

  84. stardust_moonshine says:

    I wish i could watch this video so that i can see how cock his cock is.

  85. nice face !!

  86. how u hav those hot korean videos!so hot

  87. aloha_100 says:

    Thanks for uploading this, so sweet guy <3

  88. Maybe my fav vid here, finally I can see a KR butt that makes me horny for ages !
    All is fine to me face, chest, ass *BaNg* !

  89. OMG he’s such a cuttie o.o

  90. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    amy he is hot and yammy

  91. mutygendut mutygendut says:


  92. Cute.

  93. he makes me wana suck him & cum…hahaha

  94. circpenis says:

    Great hole!

  95. Cute face, HOT body, great dick, but someone needs to stuff something in him mouth before he injures himself. The dude has no idea how LOL those tongue antics are.

  96. i want to meet this guy i like this guycan do good fucking


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