Asian Boy Jacking Off

Guys, just wanna let you know I had a good flight to BKK and really busy with work now… quick update with this Asian boy jacking off.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. mcrichard says:

    soooooo……hot………………..i think he’s doing it in the hallway? I am nervous………..he he he………

  2. tele_arman says:


  3. public jerk off… HOT!

    thanks mcfish! take care there. ;D

  4. naturally hot :)

  5. rexsmithyy rexsmithyy says:

    thrilling jerk off! I ♥ it! :D

  6. Nice cock! Would love to wrap my lips around it. Keep on the good work McFish.

  7. Enjoyable to watch

  8. qiaofagreen says:

    Thanks Mr McFish! Have a good and enjoyable working trip!

  9. Such a thrilling JO. Wonderful Hv a gud time in BKk mcfish. I went there last month end hehehe

  10. David Aung Zay says:

    So shame ! Why he didn’t afraid of anyone ? Oh !!!

  11. public jerkoff , some thing that can be very exciteing

  12. Eromenos719 says:

    The risk of being caught adds the thrill. Gutsy cumshot.

  13. berkeleyboy says:

    Exhibitionist in action…

  14. krebs2012 says:

    The fear of being caught in the act was overpowered by the extreme joy of jacking off!!!

  15. chinese_elmo says:

    i think that super hot i wish he got caught tho more hot if someone walks in lol

  16. very big

  17. i like his hairy cock

  18. wow he must be very brave to do that!

  19. Wow that is a nice uncut beautiful cock! Just love to have that in my face.

  20. Feeling excited forhim if someone saw. Another cute guy .

  21. nitecoffee says:

    haha! so daring. would’ve been really exciting if someone opened the door just as he’s shooting lol!!!

  22. mc_flurry says:

    So many hot videos lately , love it !
    Thanks McFish , take care of your health out there :)

  23. what a thrill !!!! surely he’s so pumped up with the idea of nearly getting caught in the act… L.O.L.
    Luv the shape, length & girth of that uncircumcised cock…..
    Looks really yummy…
    Thanks much McFish C”,)

  24. Lucky for him that he has a nice fat piece, cause the face and body aren’t much to drool over!! Just sayin’!!

  25. Cute!

  26. gayblkwizard says:

    Nice cock. Not a bad body either. To bad he didn’t give some nice asshots while he was at it. ;-)

  27. this guy is cute..

  28. wow…..what a daring boy…..

  29. hot

  30. Nice cock.

  31. HOT!!! <3_<3

  32. atlasjack16 says:


  33. gabriel7272 says:

    Hot .. so daring!!

  34. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    DAMN that was HOT :)

  35. Good

  36. clap*clap*

  37. kukurokuku says:

    so so. o well.

  38. beauty69_des says:

    jacking off at the hallway… quite exciting

  39. cam4anthony says:

    nice! wish he was a neighbor!

  40. fireboymanila fireboymanila says:

    He looks like young mr.bean wanking. Haha

  41. vox_xxxtreme says:

    Like it coz it’s public!

  42. Kamdock68 says:

    nice clip ! I do love that kind,…..

  43. miko raya miko raya says:

    Omg hehe <3

  44. Woww. Notti Kid. Not scare someone coming up.

  45. I just love his bush! You take care McFish.

  46. Pls feature some hairy dude! Yum

  47. Brave!
    Public Wanking!

  48. Thanks McFish another good clip for us!

  49. I wish I would open the front door and find that in the stairway! Love his fat cock and treasure trail!!! Thanks McFish

  50. helliaonthefloor says:

    cool and sexy, major mayhem >0<

  51. i want to live that kind of apartment :P

  52. Have a nice working trip, and have some spare time to enjoy Bangkok.

  53. Definitely hot and sexy with a great dick, and body, loved it thanks!

  54. love his body..nice thanks..

  55. frankie189 says:

    Daring n full of excitement!!

  56. Fuccccckkkkkkkk!!!

  57. com.charles says:

    Just love how he seems to be at the stairwell (i.e. outdoors!)

  58. Looks awwwwesomeee!!!!

  59. Very nice… : )

  60. Different but nice!

  61. Nice cock

  62. Hot Stuff

  63. I love public videos

  64. sooooo,HOT!! soo,cuuute!

  65. ayokuzone3 says:

    cute.. i like it when its done in

  66. iloveasians says:

    so brave of him! HOT!

  67. Joseph Keane Joseph Keane says:

    shaving the pubic hair please…

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