Amateur Indonesian Boy

Hi there, this is Adi from Indonesia. He sent me his pics a while ago when I was on a holiday.

I dont post that many Indonesians here..seems difficult to find naked Indonesian guys.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. aztec69 says

    I would guess they’re hard to find because they’re mostly Muslim and they don’t do the “nude” thing very often. But when you do find a hard one, they are nice.

    • Hassan says

      I fear that one of the watches is stolen, as happened with me when I lived in Jakarta and mixed with the Javanese youngsters. Foreigners driving a car in Jakarta, wear their watch right when driving without an airco. When undressing with a boy you have to take great care where you leave your purse and watch. For the rest great fun.

    • Karelin says

      Riceboy14, I agree with michico and I’m sure this nude Indonesian boy in this page is really a Muslim. Muslims forms the majority of nude Indonesian models in all of those several adult websites despite of having a strictest “morality” against pornography and nudity. In reality, we can easier to find and see nude intact non-muslim pure Indonesian boys than to find nude Chinese Indonesian, Papuan Indonesian, Indian Indonesian and mixed Indonesian boys. Again, riceboy14, do you think it’s difficult to find nude Indonesian boys showing their cocks because they are originated from predominantly-muslim country? That’s what you think!

  2. adisexualityadisexuality says

    Thanks so much for upload my pic hehehe….i hope someday can be model gay magazine or porn movie hahaha….its my dream huhuhu

  3. taiwaneseboy19taiwaneseboy19 says

    wow you are hot andy and you have hot body……I htink you need to take more pics to share with us. I hope we can keep in touch and I want to be your friend

  4. Fabih says

    im INdonesian … n im not pretty sure that he’s indonesian.. cz for me, its difficult to difference between indonesian, pinoy, malaysian n thailand.. they r really similar.. i just can find he is indonesian or not from his dick… it’s cut or uncut, cz most of iNdonesian people are cut dick… n absolutely cute cut dick….. #smiling to my cute cut dick… but Bravo for McFish ….

    • Karelin says

      Because you are Muslim, that’s why you see cut dicks only. There are more Indonesia boys who are not cut.

    • Karelin says

      All cut dicks are conservative Muslims. That’s the truth. Because Indonesians are highly sexually hypocrite.

  5. Mexanese says

    This guys is hoooooot……!
    I’m so horny…. Now
    I wanna cum……
    Thanks mcfish…..

    • jc_yeejc_yee says

      Hi Adisexuality, is it really you ? You are hot btw…nice big dick you got there…how about some video for us? you have an email add we can get in touch? =P

  6. Fabih says

    adi, is that really u? im indonesian too, but for the 1st, im not sure that is u… for all : in Indonesian not only Muslims who have cut dick, non moslems are cut dick too… mostly indoneisan, not indo-chinese or indo-west…

  7. alfa says

    not really difficult to find naked Indonesian photos on the net, and you will surprise how many Indonesian men are really seems enjoying naked and even some hot sex videos 😉

  8. Karelin says

    There are many intact Indonesian boys naked and i’ll give you later if you ask and you want to see it. I agree with alfa, it’s not difficult to find naked Indonesian boys showing their cocks. In fact, most naked Indonesian boys you see are Muslims. Because of their cocks, looks dry (sorry Muslims but I’m telling the truth). We see naked Indonesian boys in net often.

  9. Karelin says

    Nearly all pure Indonesian boys of all ages are intact(uncut forever), apparently, Fabih! Bagaimana anda tahu ada laki2x indonesia yang bukan muslim sudah disunat? By peeping?

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