Big Dicked Asian Boy Jacks Off

Guys, I just noticed that Only Asian Boys have over 3000 registered users now :D only 1xxx before I left on a holiday…pretty much all codes were used up so I kept adding.

Out of 3000 users, only a bit over 700 users have at least 1 comment…time to clean up a bit…as I said accounts without any comment will be removed..leaving 1 or 2 comments a month isn’t difficult, is it?

Anyway got Asian boy with big dick jacking off for today.

Many thanks to Kai who sent this clip to me..he said its not him in the clip though.

Download: 20MB CLICK HERE
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McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. I love it.. Keep them cumming

  2. This guy’s a Filipino,I’m sure of it! XD

  3. wonder if he was watching porn or actually filming himself on his phone?

  4. alrickevanstein says:


  5. JohnJFonacier says:

    he’s hot i guess

  6. Who would have thot to watch porn on ur phone?

  7. cum went to waste again… would have loved to lick that all up!

  8. tivequecriar1 says:


  9. Thank you mc fish..
    I love this boy, I think is cute
    It looks so much like my phillipino boyfriend
    Cute slim body , and oh.. Yeah big bushy dick :P
    I love phillipines they are cute…
    Thanks again
    You have made my night here….
    I’ve cum with this boy already ….
    Keep-em cumming Lol…

  10. wow nice big cock and love the way his balls bounce around

  11. Looks like a Filipino. So sexy and the dick…oh gosh.

  12. The goy looks Filipino, but I”m also doubting since he is not CIRCUMSIZED. In the Philippines, you will be a subject of mockery among males if you are uncut. . . It’s unhygienic and it smells bad. .

  13. nice….

  14. wow.. more pls

  15. yummy…

  16. cedriccarreon202 says:

    where do you get these awesome yummy pics?

  17. Still big after cumming :)

  18. I can smell his decadent cock and balls from here….drooling

  19. cool!

  20. beauty69_des says:

    thai guy… uncut yet enormously big

  21. I enjoyed watching this vid. Thanks Mcfish.

  22. jaysonlyasianboys says:

    Nice sack!

  23. Wow! What a piece of meat. Welcome back, McFish! We missed you

  24. Wow! A cell phone, a fancy watch, and a nice tattoo. Now how gay is that? Not matter what your background.

  25. wow thats niceeeeee

  26. Cool

  27. love the hot smooth body and colorful tats, never get bored watching thanks

  28. So cute when he smiles at the end.

  29. he looks fine

  30. damn cool. I’m cumming now :D

  31. This boy is VERY cute and hot and good looking, I love him so much!
    Despite that pretty face…damn, that dick of his is awesome!!! so BIG!
    But doesnt he seem “life-less”…there were no facial expressions during the process of jacking off, no moans, and STILL NOTHING even when he was CUMMING? shouldnt i be hearing “awgh…” or something like that?

    • Am referring to the last of your 3 comments only, Ooh Lala: Mobile phone sex while waiting for the next customer calling – hahaha…. What a waste of energy! (On all sides, by the way.)

  32. David Aung Zay says:

    Cute !want to fuck!

  33. Wanna get hm nw!

  34. nice..

  35. He’s so cute!! I want him!!

  36. cute guys,at first i thought he was a filipino guy,

  37. many thank, he’s so cute

  38. He’s not a Filipino, but I love his big juicy cock.

  39. The Boy is nice, the Video is in Vote only a 3 :-o

  40. so hot….wish i cud have someone like him

  41. nice

  42. im wet now.thanks mcfish

  43. nice smooth body on this one. ;D

    mcfish, i noticed that somehow… there are suddenly a rush of comments on the posts lately… ;D

    means many subscribers are reading now. hehehe!


  44. I love this guyyyyyy

  45. The boy is Thai from a southern province.
    He’s not gay, has a wife and with a kid of 6 months.

  46. And he’s only 20. :-)

  47. damn at first i thought hes pinoy but seeing hes uncut hes not pinoy probably thai or any of the countries in the area around thailand

  48. Wow, nice.

  49. adisexuality adisexuality says:

    like this

  50. wow nice cock….

  51. Glad to see

  52. xXxArTemiSxXx says:

    more.. more.. :) ur d best…

  53. Just what I needed to make me horny :-)

  54. wiw!nice vid

  55. pretty cool! this looks like filipino!

  56. Damn he’s hot. Love the tats & the tiny bit of a ‘stache growing on his upper lip

  57. His’s filpo…. But WOW!!! thats one one tool for a little man… I lik….

  58. What a big dick. Seems like a sexy creature from the sea.

  59. cute

  60. Wow love this!

  61. big dick :P

  62. BIG boy alright

  63. the BALLS!! O.O

  64. He look cute as fuck – his dick looks hell a nice

  65. so hot!

  66. thanks a lot for this. I’m sure he’s filipino. :)

  67. yup hes a filipino

  68. Yummy..

  69. Thanks. I enjoy watching the different techniques the boys use to exercise.

  70. gabriel7272 says:

    Nice… too big to handle tho….

  71. nadinelockheart nadinelockheart says:


  72. wondering who filmed him? or himself? LOL

  73. says:

    Wow huge cock for a pretty face..luv it when he cums

  74. hes hot…

  75. awesome… tnx McFish =)

  76. Yummy balls!

  77. welcome back!
    He is hot hot hot….

  78. hawkster873 says:


  79. peknees2009 says:

    I always LOVE this site…

  80. Looks great – hope to enjoy later at bedtime :-)
    Does everyone jack off at bedfime – I wonder/

  81. lkg4playmate lkg4playmate says:

    Nice cock but kind of boring “dead” wank :|

  82. <3 <3 <3

  83. yummyy… nice McFish… :)

  84. very nice vid..thanks

  85. cyberjoshua says:

    very handsome!!!looks like a Filipino but I think he is Thai…

  86. owen.owen323 says:

    This cute Malay guy got a thick and juicy dick

  87. chuckie0987 says:

    so many comments today. probably bcoz u scred them of deleting their accounts. nyahaha
    btw like the vid.

  88. I love it…
    Seldom cute malays have such a big dick

  89. If is HD version is even better…

  90. i thought he’s filipino callboy..but he speaks different
    love the bush though <3

  91. Nice

  92. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    Nice body love his dick

  93. nothinnn123 says:


  94. love it

  95. Mmmmmmmm… more!

  96. I saw this clip before, but not sure he is Thai or Philippine.

  97. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    It’s funny how mommy dearest (mcfish) threaten to cut people off if they didn’t leave a comment, and bam there’s over 10 comments now :) , thanks mcfish for all the lovely videos and pics.

  98. Wow awesome

  99. Wewwww…. Kakoii hha

  100. nice!!! ^^,

  101. nice

  102. So cute!

  103. wow no wonder we all comment…what a “man” a real dream!!!

  104. James Percy says:

  105. looks thai to me but yeah, yummy dick he has. and a cute face. :P

  106. nice cock, i lke him…

  107. So big for his built…!!!

  108. Good job

  109. michaele1000 says:

    Nice load…. hope to see more…

  110. Unbelievable…i can only wish…

  111. markjesters says:

    sweet,.. how i wish,..:D

  112. whatswithangelo says:

    i wanna cup his balls and lick his cock…

  113. hot filipino cock! mmm

  114. The best i saw

  115. Thx for this hot vid!

  116. hot..;)

  117. would love to suck his dick

  118. my favorite yummy

  119. markjayson03 says:

    nice post! Love it! xoxo!

  120. Wish hes really filipino hehe

  121. Big!

  122. Totally hot !

  123. yum yum yum

  124. kawaiidesu0 kawaiidesu0 says:

    love it!

  125. super

  126. exquisite004 says:


  127. nice looking dude, but his jerk off was way to mechanical to be hot.

  128. How’s hot !

  129. He is Thai because I’m Thai and I heard him spoke that “It isn’t a huge cum”

  130. hello..very nice dick..indeed – thanks for sharing :)

  131. i loved the boy already. he`s got the dick that i dreamed on.. thaks MCFISH

  132. OMG.

  133. hot

  134. thanks for sharing the video.. :)

  135. is he a filipino? how i wish i could touch his dick :)

  136. zacharias2011 says:

    I want Him NOw

  137. umm… i just….

  138. Love the bush.. Heheh

  139. he’s not Malaysian or Indonesian..he’s Thai..and peoples from South East Asia are unique because they have the same complexion, ic you guys noticed..

  140. Cute thai guy :)

  141. Fabulous dick but I wish he’d been a lot more animated and noisy, especially in the build up to the cum shot.

  142. Nice! Lav his dick

  143. I wanna fuck him hehe

  144. mingyeomkim says:

    Yummy guy!

  145. Yes, i believe he is NOT Pinoy. I’m a Filipino and I don’t recognize his language. He is most probably Thai, because of the distinct nasal way of speaking. Nice video!

  146. Nice hairy dick

  147. great dick

  148. Does it really matter whether he’s filipino or not? It’s true he has a nice dick and I also can’t deny the fact that the video was pretty boring, but nevertheless, you never fail to entertain us with your posts McFish. Good job!

  149. kevynonline says:

    Thank you for always posting awesome content!

  150. royalspirit says:

    What a big dick!

  151. He looks a lot like my EX…is this boi Philipino?

  152. pinoy or thai?but overall,his smile just nice

  153. he’s very cute. acted a little disinterested tho

  154. oh, very good, He is Thai

  155. I am also debating if he is Thai or Filipino ..thought i heard some tagalog words…hmmm..but the mere fact he is uncut he could be Thai as 99 percent of filipino men are circumsised. He is very hot and yummy.

  156. great dick&balls!

  157. iloveasians says:

    love lick him clean!

  158. Wow…awesome

  159. luscious!!!

  160. Wow, huge mushroom sausage but little cum……. Hmmmm. Would like to be the third hand in this vid. Hehehe Nice though tks

  161. nice

  162. he looks cute, thanks !

  163. I want dat xD

  164. thanks Fishy…nice video again…he has a thick cock for his size….

  165. cuteasian94 says:


  166. i prefer to see the guy with muscular ad, this guy is so so only.

  167. big and thick

  168. he’s a filipino..he’s my neighbor

  169. nice and ymmy

  170. Hugh dick…i like it.thanks McFish

  171. @voxmarshan: are you sure he is PINOY? He doesn’t speak Tagalog, I suppose. hehehehe

  172. i think his dick will fit me just right…. =P

  173. His face and expressions are cute. Wish he didn’t have those tattoos though. Thanks for the video!

  174. akosiichigo08 says:

    nice cock :D
    and hes cute also..
    is he a filipino?

  175. Very nice

  176. I always knew big things come in small packages. He’s cute.

  177. This guy is legit cute … Hope he’ll make some other video

  178. this guy is awesome!. where can i find him? i want to have him – hard cock and all.

  179. urbnsoulstar says:

    I like thanks for sharing

  180. cute <3

  181. big <==3

  182. This kid’s got a huge banana-shaped juicy dick! Hawt!!!

  183. amazing!! hot

  184. Xpaper_starsX says:

    Nice cock he has there ;) Thank you McFish!

  185. pretty nice one there. keep the goods coming McFish. =)

  186. Mayb he’s not yet 20!!! I wish to have him

  187. PectinKiddo says:

    CUTE <3

  188. whoa!

  189. big cock ..

  190. I could go down on that any time!!!!

  191. berkeleyboy says:

    Definitely not a Filipino!!! Most Filipinos were cut… except for a very insignificant few …

  192. just wondering what do we prefer more? cut or uncut?

  193. Thanks

  194. thai

  195. I thinks i’ve seen him before in other vids.

  196. yummy

  197. So cute and big dick, love him <3

  198. he is filipino. he spoke bisaya, my native language <3

  199. hes look like my clasmate in high school.i love his dick!!

  200. asianhunk_69 says:

    I love this guy! He’s so brutishly handsome!

  201. Im scared of the threat.,hehe

  202. nice :)

  203. 「oversized」

  204. Damn he’s cute !!! Nice !

  205. ichaaaaan11 says:

    oohlala. :)

  206. love it

  207. More of him please

  208. hot!

  209. awesomeeee!

  210. i had an orgasm…

  211. he’s very sexy and cute..

  212. wow !!! thanks for this one :)

    really wish i could be there with him

  213. snakebite863 says:

    Nice post!

  214. i like it

  215. iam19yearsold says:


  216. nice dick…

  217. asianboylover12 says:

    Wow. Nice cock and hot guy. Very enjoyable.

  218. WOW…nice dick…love to suck such a lovely dick.. he looks Filipino..Yum yum yum….

  219. one things for sure hes cuttee

  220. love guy who has cute face like him

  221. idc if he’s filipino or thai. he has cute face, smooth body, nice balls, thick bush, nice legs and a BIG COCK! :P~

  222. gwapo111222 says:

    if he is from the philippines i will find him and eat him!

  223. ohhhh.. so hot. I like him already!!!

  224. I’m heartbroken we may never meet…

  225. kevin adriano kevin adriano says:

    Oh my dickies :3

  226. why did I login just now… i almost missed this one… :p

  227. damtiendaica says:


  228. Awesome young boy!

  229. Hot vid!

  230. He is definitely Thai! He just said จะเส็ดแล้วพี่ (ja sead leaw pe) it means “I’m cumming brother” then the other guy replied after he cum หนาอย (noiii) it means “Too little cum” he’s not Filipino at all! Am a Filipino and no one speaks Tagalog at all.. He is Thai for sure… Nice big dick and cute Cummings.. Lol.. Thank you McFish..

  231. I want one……

  232. soo big

  233. So cute. I love him. :D

  234. Cool!

  235. Love his balls!

  236. Hot cock, and i bet his not a Filipino

  237. gimme gimme more, gimme more. gimme gimme gimme :)

  238. Nice clip, big dicked indeed.

  239. he said “…sed laew…”

  240. bouncy balls

  241. the quality of ths video is not disappointed. great!

  242. nice dick..and he is cute.. :D

  243. nice to see but cannot grab on it. huhuhu

  244. Nice

  245. So cute!

  246. Sooo hot

  247. The answer to my fantasies!!! Wish I’m beside him to complete my lust.

  248. looks so tense at d beginning, love 2 c his smile at d end

  249. Nice Dick but so boring

  250. juanjose023 says:

    What a cute boy. *drool*

  251. ooo…. i like it…

  252. redashcroft says:


  253. I want more video like this one. Love it!

  254. islndsurf2 says:

    wow, this boy is really hot. this is definitely one of my favorites.

  255. francheskar24 says:

    Yumminess. Delicious

  256. kayruls Afee says:

    that was big..

  257. Jaybee143 says:

    whata cock, love it

  258. I like…nice action

  259. this is gooood….

  260. joseph_marco joseph_marco says:

    This is really hot!

  261. Eromenos719 says:

    Looks like my own boytoy.

  262. jessphoon says:

    i love when a guy has a nice bush… makes it even hotter

  263. he’s SO HOT!!!!

  264. ddhithere says:

    his balls bounce up and down. That’s hot

  265. hardfanatic says:

    Love his dick.

  266. Nice Thai Cock!!!!

  267. Filipino or whatever hedark and handsome just the way I love it. Hoping for a bigger load to match his dick and balls size. Thank you McFish for all you have done.

  268. afterschool says:

    He’s definitely Thai :D

  269. procrapper says:


  270. I want that bone in my mouth!

  271. magandako magandako says:

    my gosh he was soo hot!! i wish hes mine!! XD

  272. juniyanki says:

    this ones really good!

  273. I do like Thai guys c”,)

  274. ross_anime says:

    Enjoy it much.

  275. Filipino or Thai……… does not matter. I love it….more of him please……thank you McFish.

  276. คนไทยแน่ โอเคปะล่ะคือแบบฟังออกเว้ยเฮ้ย!

  277. I like it

  278. darkuseros says:

    nice one

  279. nice video

  280. chinese_elmo says:

    wooh so thickk ^^

  281. wooh!!

  282. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………… cum cum cum…. i am cumming…….

  283. geishamae88 says:


  284. Nice bone structure.

  285. elderline says:

    i though he was pinoy… but so cute

  286. definitely filipino.he speaks the cebuano dialect (you certainly know Cebu, Philippines), which i speak too

  287. gaymasseur says:

    Thai for sure…
    he said “Noi” meaning little…he seemed disappointed he spunked only a little…he can shoot his ‘noi’ on me any time!!!

  288. cute one

  289. kodomolove says:

    This guy has many collection clips.

  290. So young. I want to eat him up.

  291. he’s filipino ..
    jerking guy: marami pa?
    cam guy: yan lang
    j.g: huh? (misheard the cam gay)
    c.g: yan lang
    j.g: OK

  292. ryandicklover ryandicklover says:

    soooo hot! Yummy! Like Filipino guys…

  293. krebs2012 says:

    BIG Anaconda-DICK!!! :P

  294. gekishinken says:

    Wow he is my type!!!

  295. Don’t really care if he ‘s married. Love him !!!

    Thanks McFish c”,)

  296. Wow so hot!!

  297. ryandicklover ryandicklover says:

    Why are we fighting over Thai or Pinoy! He is just hot…. Mmmmmmm…

  298. ryandicklover ryandicklover says:

    Alright! something I wanna say here:
    I’m a not a pinoy but have been staying here (Philippines) for last 4 yrs. In comparison to a filipino and a Thai, I would say a Thai is more approachable and humble… Just love Thai guys!
    Pinoys (specially gays) do have the ugliest attitude and the biggest liars though! Experience speaks… LOL!

  299. Good Lord thank you for making Thai boys.

  300. reyndear says:

    I will kneel down for him

  301. bottombleau says:

    He seems very handsome.

  302. a1242699 says:

    Hot hot hot :3

  303. clarity says:

    lovely boy lovely dick yummmm

  304. joesucker says:

    sarap ng titi mo boy!


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