Big Dicked Asian Boy Jacks Off

Guys, I just noticed that Only Asian Boys have over 3000 registered users now 😀 only 1xxx before I left on a holiday…pretty much all codes were used up so I kept adding.

Out of 3000 users, only a bit over 700 users have at least 1 comment…time to clean up a bit…as I said accounts without any comment will be removed..leaving 1 or 2 comments a month isn’t difficult, is it?

Anyway got Asian boy with big dick jacking off for today.

Many thanks to Kai who sent this clip to me..he said its not him in the clip though.

Download: 20MB CLICK HERE
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McFish Loves Asian Boys

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Big Dicked Asian Boy Jacks Off, 6.2 out of 10 based on 211 ratings


  1. mexanese says

    Thank you mc fish..
    I love this boy, I think is cute
    It looks so much like my phillipino boyfriend
    Cute slim body , and oh.. Yeah big bushy dick 😛
    I love phillipines they are cute…
    Thanks again
    You have made my night here….
    I’ve cum with this boy already ….
    Keep-em cumming Lol…

  2. enjo says

    The goy looks Filipino, but I”m also doubting since he is not CIRCUMSIZED. In the Philippines, you will be a subject of mockery among males if you are uncut. . . It’s unhygienic and it smells bad. .

  3. Ooh Lala says

    This boy is VERY cute and hot and good looking, I love him so much!
    Despite that pretty face…damn, that dick of his is awesome!!! so BIG!
    But doesnt he seem “life-less”…there were no facial expressions during the process of jacking off, no moans, and STILL NOTHING even when he was CUMMING? shouldnt i be hearing “awgh…” or something like that?

    • RabbitRabbit says

      Am referring to the last of your 3 comments only, Ooh Lala: Mobile phone sex while waiting for the next customer calling – hahaha…. What a waste of energy! (On all sides, by the way.)

  4. zak21zak21 says

    nice smooth body on this one. ;D

    mcfish, i noticed that somehow… there are suddenly a rush of comments on the posts lately… ;D

    means many subscribers are reading now. hehehe!


  5. kai152 says

    damn at first i thought hes pinoy but seeing hes uncut hes not pinoy probably thai or any of the countries in the area around thailand

  6. notsowiseonenotsowiseone says

    It’s funny how mommy dearest (mcfish) threaten to cut people off if they didn’t leave a comment, and bam there’s over 10 comments now :) , thanks mcfish for all the lovely videos and pics.

  7. ajib says

    he’s not Malaysian or Indonesian..he’s Thai..and peoples from South East Asia are unique because they have the same complexion, ic you guys noticed..

  8. Xanjo23 says

    Yes, i believe he is NOT Pinoy. I’m a Filipino and I don’t recognize his language. He is most probably Thai, because of the distinct nasal way of speaking. Nice video!

  9. kkd_abatol says

    Does it really matter whether he’s filipino or not? It’s true he has a nice dick and I also can’t deny the fact that the video was pretty boring, but nevertheless, you never fail to entertain us with your posts McFish. Good job!

  10. lemery80 says

    I am also debating if he is Thai or Filipino ..thought i heard some tagalog words…hmmm..but the mere fact he is uncut he could be Thai as 99 percent of filipino men are circumsised. He is very hot and yummy.

  11. hornyme says

    Wow, huge mushroom sausage but little cum……. Hmmmm. Would like to be the third hand in this vid. Hehehe Nice though tks

  12. kittkitt says

    He is definitely Thai! He just said จะเส็ดแล้วพี่ (ja sead leaw pe) it means “I’m cumming brother” then the other guy replied after he cum หนาอย (noiii) it means “Too little cum” he’s not Filipino at all! Am a Filipino and no one speaks Tagalog at all.. He is Thai for sure… Nice big dick and cute Cummings.. Lol.. Thank you McFish..

  13. sadetphi says

    Filipino or whatever hedark and handsome just the way I love it. Hoping for a bigger load to match his dick and balls size. Thank you McFish for all you have done.

  14. espeon says

    คนไทยแน่ โอเคปะล่ะคือแบบฟังออกเว้ยเฮ้ย!

  15. gaymasseur says

    Thai for sure…
    he said “Noi” meaning little…he seemed disappointed he spunked only a little…he can shoot his ‘noi’ on me any time!!!

  16. drizz013 says

    he’s filipino ..
    jerking guy: marami pa?
    cam guy: yan lang
    j.g: huh? (misheard the cam gay)
    c.g: yan lang
    j.g: OK

  17. ryandickloverryandicklover says

    Alright! something I wanna say here:
    I’m a not a pinoy but have been staying here (Philippines) for last 4 yrs. In comparison to a filipino and a Thai, I would say a Thai is more approachable and humble… Just love Thai guys!
    Pinoys (specially gays) do have the ugliest attitude and the biggest liars though! Experience speaks… LOL!


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