[S] Pinoy Boy Jacking Off Clip

Hey, got a clip of a Pinoy boy jacking off for today. I think he’s Pinoy. Sorry if I got it wrong.

Have a great weekend.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. tinstifler says:

    Fall for his face.

  2. I love pilipinossssss

  3. Awesome!

  4. no videos?

  5. eltorobumingo says:

    I love it! He’s gorgeous and he really gives a shooting load :)

  6. Cute guy and sexy way about him….


  8. he’s ok!

  9. This kid’s got a mushroom head boner! Good squirt!

  10. Love it!

  11. Handsome boy… Pretty big dick head…

  12. Nice cok! I love this cute boy with the hammerhead cock.

  13. bonggacious cum!!!

  14. He know how to jerk off. It does not take an hour and a good shot

  15. Nice thick cock & luv the cumshot…

  16. zephyrvaughn says:

    I like the boy next door look, it’s so natural
    and i like how he smiles, it’s so enticing

    i like him over all , i think he will be good in bed, even if hes young LOL

  17. saw some vids of him circulating in the net before…

    i do believe he IS filipino. ;D

  18. Yes, the guy is a filipino. Filipinos are awesome! So lovely this guy is.

  19. I saw other videos of him from pinoywatching blog dated 12/31/2011. This one is a newer one. I haven’t seen this one before. Awesome air that you got a newer video of him. Totally liked it. Thanks

  20. juicy cum!

  21. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    Such a cute face love his mushroom cock head :)

  22. berkeleyboy says:

    Tender, juicy hotdog…. :)

  23. nice

  24. Filipino boys are simply sexy! And yes he’s obviously pinoy! Yes he wants to be famous in videos, he has lots of videos on xtube… Pornstar-boy…he’s young and fresh! Sweet cum!…yum! Yum!

  25. nice cock…

  26. zephyrvaughn says:

    omg, i’ve been watching this video for hours now , i can’t get over him . T^T
    he’s so cute and sexy..

  27. cute stud

  28. yummy to the nth level, i think i know this guy or i may have c2c with him on skype.

  29. Hot Hot Hot

  30. I really think he’s cute too!

  31. good boy ;)

  32. Hot. He made me cum in my pants

  33. nice dick head…

  34. mysoapdropt says:


  35. AznCreamDreamer says:

    Nice TiTi! Pogi

  36. very nice , cute guy love every thing about him, love to lick his balls

  37. alittlehueskey says:

    Cute and sexy :D

  38. taiwaneseboy19 taiwaneseboy19 says:

    nice cummm

  39. Thanks, McFish.

  40. ahhh i’ve chaturbated with him before! :D

  41. Unnfff c;

  42. i think i’ve seen him on xtube or sumthin’

  43. kevynonline says:

    I think you’re right. Thanks for posting this…

  44. so much of a baby..ahhhh…shit…

  45. beauty69_des says:

    thick cock and large dickhead… just awesome

  46. Nice video. But this boy needs to treat his fungal skin infection at his groin. Can you guys notice the whitish lesion at his upper thigh next to his balls? Looks like “jock itch”. And he might want to smell his finger right after inserting it inside his asshole.

    Otherwise, very horny guy. Thanks for posting McFish!

  47. unico_hijo says:

    Mabuhay mga Pinoy, hahaha..

  48. floddyword says:

    Yumm :d

  49. prettygay1 prettygay1 says:

    Love his cum..

  50. nadinelockheart nadinelockheart says:

    more like this

  51. FallenShounen FallenShounen says:

    Very CUTE… i really like it when he really whores himself out and yet enjoys it!

    The Fairytail tatoo/(marker) in his arm is quite a nice touch… maybe just for me…
    hope McFish could find some more videos of him <3

  52. Naughty and wild, Love his cut dick…

  53. Loved the natural moan… And, how he played with his thing. Inviting…

  54. nice shot! :P

  55. lopburi150 says:

    I like this guy very much.

  56. esaelpimaohw says:

    Nice ahhh……haha

  57. nitecoffee says:

    Cool! Nice dick, nice shot. Such a tease haha!

  58. Hot dick. Cute guy.

  59. Yeah hes filipino…coz im one.

  60. wow.

  61. May hadhad ang kabayan natin mga pare koy.

  62. akosiichigo08 says:

    nice one hahah :D
    he cute i REALLY LIKE HIM…
    @mcfish: do you know his name?

  63. nachupa ko na ito noon.

  64. Yes he is a Filipino and still young………A common face and body built in the Philippines.

  65. He’s hot. I hope I could suck him.

  66. wow… mabuhay cute cock

  67. Mario Lopez Mario Lopez says:

    AH OK!

  68. zacharias2011 says:

    lots of boys like hiM HERE IN THE SLUMS AND THE STREETS OF MANILA.. nvr tried one …he’s cute

  69. ive seen this video before but still hes totally hot..

  70. ive seen this video awhile ago but im still in love with this video

  71. patriksalcedo says:

    His ok and really like his cock…

  72. cute :D

  73. i dont find him cute honestly XD

  74. Sweetiepie says:

    Great smile, gread dick. I like that he took the time to get the cameral angle right and grunted when he came.
    Very genuine.

  75. vox_xxxtreme says:

    Pak na pak!

  76. einjelmaurer says:

    L0ve pin0y.,. Hay buhay.,. Ang lib0g nga naman.,.


  78. Very Nice

  79. Cute & lovely, like him

  80. Cuteeee, but no video?

  81. yumyum…

  82. asianhunk_69 says:

    Yes, he’s Filipino. You can tell by the background. He’s hot, though!

  83. iloveasians says:

    cute guy, but i think i already saw him on another site… but this vid is new…

  84. Nice guy. Yes Pinoy like me.

  85. fairtale-stroker its so hot hot

  86. nice video..thanks///…

  87. jakecruzzz says:


  88. charming kid..

  89. gud clip thanks

  90. Rikkki Kane says:

    absolutely 10′s for this guy who just loves performing.. love it

  91. wow the boy is spunky and fantastic showman…keep on keeping on bro…

  92. i love this guy

  93. I’d do bad things with him

  94. naughty naughty..

  95. nerd_cute25 says:


  96. I’ll do good (hehehehe) things with him…. c”,)

  97. he’s cute, kinda erotic. Oh I live filipino dicks. Even though some are just average, there’s something amazing about it.

  98. Really nice

  99. soooooo….really nice..

  100. sneakfreakz says:

    This guy has some other vids out there. Using the same chair and sporting a sharp haircut.

  101. loving a lot of cum

  102. atlasjack16 says:

    ohh my gosh so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  103. dhiejay_23 says:

    ang cute nya….

  104. Yup he is a filipino and he always tell me that he want to be a porn star . hahaha ! he is my classmate

  105. Pwde sya :)

  106. chinese_elmo says:

    i like flip boys nice thick cocks

  107. Naturally happy and nice.

  108. big head. nice load

  109. my fave vid ever..

  110. I really love this video. I always watch this

  111. A truly naughty boy, sexy and funny. Spending, as he does, just a moment at his backdoor before delivery makes me horny, so horny…

  112. kromers451 says:

    Love pinoy Dick

  113. i wonder … what is his name ? i love his juicy cum ..

  114. bekz409 says:

    OMG!!! this guy is SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! I’d love to suck him dry!!!

  115. i know this guy.. he’s on tumblr…. haha! even on instagram.. and on fb.. hahah!


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