[S] Pinoy Boy Jacking Off Clip

Hey, got a clip of a Pinoy boy jacking off for today. I think he’s Pinoy. Sorry if I got it wrong.

Have a great weekend.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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[S] Pinoy Boy Jacking Off Clip, 7.1 out of 10 based on 182 ratings


  1. zephyrvaughn says

    I like the boy next door look, it’s so natural
    and i like how he smiles, it’s so enticing

    i like him over all , i think he will be good in bed, even if hes young LOL

  2. nicolai says

    I saw other videos of him from pinoywatching blog dated 12/31/2011. This one is a newer one. I haven’t seen this one before. Awesome air that you got a newer video of him. Totally liked it. Thanks

  3. Arenaboy says

    Filipino boys are simply sexy! And yes he’s obviously pinoy! Yes he wants to be famous in videos, he has lots of videos on xtube… Pornstar-boy…he’s young and fresh! Sweet cum!…yum! Yum!

  4. Xanjo23 says

    Nice video. But this boy needs to treat his fungal skin infection at his groin. Can you guys notice the whitish lesion at his upper thigh next to his balls? Looks like “jock itch”. And he might want to smell his finger right after inserting it inside his asshole.

    Otherwise, very horny guy. Thanks for posting McFish!

  5. FallenShounenFallenShounen says

    Very CUTE… i really like it when he really whores himself out and yet enjoys it!

    The Fairytail tatoo/(marker) in his arm is quite a nice touch… maybe just for me…
    hope McFish could find some more videos of him <3

  6. Sweetiepie says

    Great smile, gread dick. I like that he took the time to get the cameral angle right and grunted when he came.
    Very genuine.

  7. ino says

    he’s cute, kinda erotic. Oh I live filipino dicks. Even though some are just average, there’s something amazing about it.

  8. RabbitRabbit says

    A truly naughty boy, sexy and funny. Spending, as he does, just a moment at his backdoor before delivery makes me horny, so horny…


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