Thai Model Behind The Scene

Hi there! How are you? got a behind the scene clip of a Thai model for today.

It’s quite funny how at the end they all play cards but let the model jacks off.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. I feel like the site is losing its way with an oversaturation of posts like these.

  2. That certainly was a different type of jack off video than I’ve ever seen :-) I liked it.

  3. its a different game i think… ;D

  4. Mario Lopez Mario Lopez says:

    OH LALA!!!!







  5. Yvanlin says:

    Probably he lost in the game of cards, and had to masturbate as a punishment…

  6. So weird!

  7. kukurokuku says:

    still fappable tbh lololol

  8. very hot and peculiar too. More like this please!

  9. pcuk101 says:

    what an odd video, not bad necessarily..just odd….would be nice to see more of the sexy thong at the start anof and less card game LOL

  10. I love his cock!

  11. i would luv to play cards damn hot.

  12. meliana says:

    that was interesting. playing card games and being naked and cumming. exciting!

  13. iloveasians says:

    interesting, lets play cards! :D

  14. That is so strange and I absolutely love it! Would love to know what was really going on there… haha. Something really erotic about the way he just sat there, calmly jacking off, while playing cards!

  15. jack pinoy says:

    Kinda like it.

  16. lost the game and masturbate..epic

  17. SWEET ~ :P

  18. odd yet sexy

  19. Mrsecretxxx says:

    Kinda love it :)

  20. i really like to watch this video.. the model looks really really hot.!

  21. Beautiful guy with the Full Package..gr8t you can ‘deal me in’ anytime..

  22. I miss this post I guess..

  23. michaele1000 says:

    That’s really a sweet punishment if u loss a game…. wanna try it… hahaha

  24. yummy

  25. kodomolove says:

    Nice tagto

  26. I love his tatto

  27. Vic-Wild says:

    I like him

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