Asian Model Jerking Off

Hi there! Got a behund the scene clip of a Thai magazine photo shoot for today. I’m sure I posted his pics ages ago. I just remember the waterfall scene.

Have a great weekend.


McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. Thanks Fish!

  2. cool

  3. he’s a little goofy in the start…

    he looks good in the waterfall scene.

    thanks mcfish!

  4. He’s quite good looking. I like him, thanks.

  5. I think all of my comment was
    deleted. thank you mc fish…

  6. did I mention I like Thai food?


  7. Mmmmm…I like Thai food too. I’d like a double serving of that. Thanks McFish!

  8. i love u

  9. Lukeduke says:

    I loved it! I’ve seen this clip before and watching it again is definitely a moment of hard-on! I liked the scene when he was bein fondled. The cumshots were awesome. :) thanks so much.

  10. iloveasians says:

    nice vid! i loved it!

  11. pcuk101 says:

    thanks yet again mcfish. i think this guy cute, like the guy next door kinda way. his cumshot is way cool too.

  12. joey groban says:

    like the guy..thanks for this post, am getting horny…

  13. i miss my ex thai boyfriends… fortunately i have all of their naked photos and their dicks ;)

  14. Ferdinand says:

    love the video, especially the guy and its cum…. :D

  15. cool

  16. loving it

  17. That shoot really flew. So awesome…

  18. bravo!!

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