Random Naked Asian Guys

Hey, got random naked Asian guys for today…none of them are really my type.

#1 removed by request.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. Arenaboy says:

    I just remember the basketball boys i saw in shower room at our school they are all naked and confident to flaunt their cock haha yummy cocks

  2. Arenaboy says:


  3. not also my types…

    mcfish… can’t seem to login. ;D thanks.

  4. Andrew97 says:

    Not my types also but nice cocks

  5. Asianmaleadmirer says:

    I wonder what got these guys all excited??? Nice collection of pics.

  6. #1 fuck me

  7. ravenrain101 says:

    finding a friend of yours on a gay site naked priceless.poor dude lol

  8. AsianMen4Me AsianMen4Me says:

    #2 would be better without the blond hair, also he shaved too much of his pubes off. Maybe #6 can lone him some of his.

  9. Lukeduke says:

    #6 is hawt~!
    I failed to see who #1 was. :(

  10. westsideright says:

    #5 must really have a stinky room lol.

    I’ve seen #4 somewhere, but can’t think where

  11. #2 is quite nice, but I don’t like the piercing.

  12. hmm i didnt see number 1…how was he like? anyone care to send please?

    number 2 is hot…i like his dick standing..small balls but i still like it…

  13. The first, #2, is a dream staight out of heaven…. I cannot imagine a cuter guy.

    • After a second and a third look at this magisterial boy I saw nis nipple pins, the foirst looks were aimed at other parts of his body. To be honest those pins spoils the meat: metal pins in stead of delicious boy nipples brrr..

  14. Hello Hello mr.Mc Fish
    I want a registration code. Pls gimme one acc

  15. The dog says:

    Can I have reg code? Thanks

  16. Orlando Majick says:

    #2 is yum, yum, yum. #6 could use a good trim.

  17. the last one is so yummy thanks for sharing

  18. kawaiidesu0 kawaiidesu0 says:

    Mcfish can u send me link to No. 1 i wanna see hahaha plsss. =)

  19. Can you send the number 1 too please? i wanna see how hot he is…

  20. 6 is so cute

  21. Typical average Asians. N shaved cock are quite nice too. According to researches most couples (Men n Women) likes to sex with a shaved partner. Freed from a messy bush!

  22. sleepy_zzz says:

    6 is hot


  24. asianamleadmirer says:

    How I wish I could see some real naked Asian guys!!!! Always a treat to view the randon pics.

  25. #6 fuck me

  26. Edward Frost says:

    #5 is kinda cute

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