Muscular Asian Guy Jacking Off on Cam

Hi there! How are you? I first saw this clip long time ago and thought I already posted it.. looking thru video pages and looks like it wasnt there yet.

Face not that great but good body. Sorry about the quality or if you’ve already seen it.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

Muscular Asian Guy Jacking Off on Cam, 6.6 out of 10 based on 134 ratings


  1. Wow! What a nice body, but the haircut….!

  2. yup… he has an awesome body…

    but he is not my type…

    thanks anyway mcfish! ;D

  3. Not bad; but not the best

  4. toribio2 says:

    I think he is gorgeous I really like him

  5. Excellent post! He is a cutie.

  6. jack pinoy says:

    He’s really not my type but the video managed to make me horny lol thanks mcfish. Luvyah

  7. OMG If only he would be available

  8. notsowiseone notsowiseone says:

    He’s such a cutie, nice body too!

  9. Kimbokjeun Kimbokjeun says:

    I like this guy… love you mcfish…

  10. He is Korean and I do find him good looking not to mention very sexy.

  11. He’s ok looking, his body is totally beautiful and he has a decent sized cock. This is HOT!

  12. aztec69 says:

    Maybe it’s because I have an oral fixation, but anybody who smokes turns me off.

  13. kukurokuku says:

    so-so face though. good thing he has that body :D

  14. he is great….hope 2 c more of his action…nice body n dick…hope he will appear in more filming…give him more opportunities 2 show his body n dick 2 d whole world 2 watch….

  15. i wanna c more of him….he is so sexy n decent looking…i wanna c full load fr him more….i love it….

  16. Insigma says:

    Sighh Korean haircuts are so stupid..

  17. Wow, what a body! He is cute – (and with a new haircut he would look really hot)

  18. mcfish can you give me the link? for the video? :(

  19. awesome, man ;)

  20. kevynonline says:

    Seen this before but it never gets old! he’s super hot!

  21. nice

  22. like

  23. Thank you!! He’s very hot!!

  24. Rikkki Kane says:

    MMmm lovely body, really hot but no rythmn

  25. lovely body nyc time pass thanks


  27. Completely muscular and smooth body. Lovely.

  28. he’s quite cute too actually

  29. samtom31 says:

    Very nice body. Good camera angles.

  30. Face so so only…but his bodyshape helps alot…nice shot though..

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