Big Dicked Thai Model Jerking Off

Guys, got a video of a Thai model with big dick jerking off for this lovely weekend.. well not quite lovely here as the weather has been terrible.

This is a photo shoot of a Thai magazine… The person talking in the clip is annoying but at least it doesnt have a stupid music like in some other clips I posted.

The model is alright..not drop dead gorgeous but I’m impressed with his dick.


McFish Loves Asian Boys

Big Dicked Thai Model Jerking Off, 6.5 out of 10 based on 189 ratings


  1. pcuk101 says:

    he is perfect in every way…. love the pool sequence in wet undies….very sexy

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love his simple-basic-white undies. no waist banner heralding brand name nor psychedelic design that gives you eye sore. AHHH! very masculine, very sexy indeed.

  3. Mario Lopez Mario Lopez says:



    MA MA MIA!!!!

    SI SEÑOR!!!!!


  4. Excellent

  5. andy_kwan says:

    I agree.
    He looks like a simple Thai guy.
    But his dick is so niceeeee.
    Listen to his voice,this guy comes from esan(north-east of Thailand).

  6. Another ultimate Asian boytoy fantasy…
    Though not into twinks very much – I find him attractive and adorable. I’d wait a few more years heh…

  7. well, his dick is quite impressive!

  8. AsianMen4Me AsianMen4Me says:

    I’m not normally into Thai guys or twinks, but this guy is pretty cute. Nice skin and fat dick. That guy in the background yak yak yaking needs to STFU. I’m glad it got quiet for the moans and money shot.

  9. HOly fucking big dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jack pinoy says:

    Very nice!

  11. oh, man, he is hot hot hot. I can’t wait to be back in Thailand. slurp.

  12. jc_yee’s pic is also blazing hot. That’s a tongue magnet.

  13. unable to view …how do i register sir

  14. Yeah, I liked the white undies shot, and the closeup profile from 6:03 to 6:09 which showed some really nice lips :-)

  15. kukurokuku says:


  16. rejected says:


  17. O__O

  18. Xpaper_starsX says:

    He came a lot X) hehe he’s hot ;)

  19. He’s turning me on! OMG! the way they filmed it just adds to it.

  20. Rikkki Kane says:

    fantastic what A BODY total enjoyment

  21. The Full Monty value for money in $$$$$

  22. second look at my fantasy..dealt all the right cards this model, he’s the Real Deal…the Full Pack..

  23. that’s hot

  24. Gorgeous profile @ 3:56, plus he has such perfect balls in a number of shots. Yummy!!!

  25. might not be the perfect 10…but still very attractive in his own way..

  26. Nice guy ! Very big one

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