Leandro Okabe – Pics and Clip

Hi guys! I remember I posted one of his pics long time ago…and these are some more pics of him…It is a bit old actually and I got these pics and clip for a while..just no time to set up how to play the videos and also I didn’t have much bandwidth before so I didnt post video. His name is Leandro Okabe and hes half Brazilian half Japanese I think……………HOT!

He’s the model of Terra – The Boy

McFish Loves Asian Guys

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  1. omg his hot
    hot body AHHHHHHH ^^ LOL
    but he doesnt look asian, he looks more Brazilian

  2. Leandro Okabe is half Filipino half Japanese fyi.

  3. He doesn’t look Asian at all. Hot though.

  4. He’s got some “Brazilian” as well. He’s a well known model over here.

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