Japanese boys in speedo

Hi there! I dont post much Japanese guys here..so will post some for today…well I take it there are Japanese because they seem to like to wear this small and tight speedo 😀 I remember I had a lot of this type pics before my old harddisk crashed :( Now I wanna go to Japan!!! I would go to the beach every single day 😀

Have a good day
McFish loves Asian guys 😀

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  1. okies says

    hey McFishy
    hmmm the back not so good LOL
    yeh i would love to go to japan besides checking guys out LOL ^^
    cause it seem to be such a cool place with alot of things happen…i mean they have a little town for just about anything like technology stuff, anime place i guest its like the shopping capital of asia?
    but hey there are alot of other stuff their like the temples the fun events the beautiful cherry blossoms and the geishas if by chance you get to see one…LOL
    as you can see i have been think about it alot ^^ im gonna go someday maybe sooner than i think ^^ you should go too on your next holiday it would be fun and surprising i reckon LOL

    • McFish says

      besides checking guys out?? 😀 thats the first reason I wanna go there hehe I would say hong kong is the shopping capital of asia…..coz its much cheaper and people go there many more (to shop). I might be able to go there some time next year (work related) but well I wanna go to EU more..


  2. john says

    shoutout to guys who love tiny speedos – could anyone recommend any websites in english where i can buy such speedos? i usually get mine from mategear.com, awesome range of tiny speedos but am looking for more sources to fulfill my needs!

    much appreciated!

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