Asian Cam Boy

Hi there! Got a clip of an Asian guy jacking off on webcam for today. He doesn’t look 100% Asian..maybe mixed. Looks like he’s got a nice body too.

Again guys if you are on iphone4 or ipad, let me know if the video plays fine. The video wont work on old iphone and ipod. I dont really have time to make it compatible on all device. Thanks. I feel like buying those now lol but I’m not a big fan of Apple products.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. eltorobumingo says:

    He has a very long dick :)

  2. nice skin…

    body… and dick on this boy…

    but the face is a downer for me…

    nice cumshot/s anyway…

    what would he feel and do if he sees that he is now in the net as a vid that many jerk off too.. hehehe!


  3. Carlos says:

    Video plays fine on iPad. But since you changed your website I no longer can view your entire post in an RSS reader. Only the first few lines of text show up, no video or photos. It was nice before when I could see everything in RSS without clicking thru to the website.

  4. fireboy21 says:

    for me his cute and hot, nice skin tone, muscles and the dick. total package. i wish i personally knew him.

  5. Hot boy…he looks Pinoy to me.

  6. Ether is a problem with the video playing. I am using Chrome…

  7. Not sure if he is mixed, but he IS 100% fine. Body, face, cock are all beautiful. And the over the shoulder come shot – WOW.

  8. The vid works fine for me on my iphone 3gs :))

  9. rexsmithyy rexsmithyy says:

    he’s definitely asian. :)

  10. Beautiful face, hot body, great cock, and big tight balls…perfect (tho a bit of face scruff would be nice).

    Vid played fine in iPhone 4.

  11. chweeeet says:

    So sexy. For me everything is perfect and his face is so adorable. It probably doesn’t matter anymore but this works perfectly on my iPhone 4S.

  12. OMG. he’s soooo cute xoxo

  13. strong wank! power strokes!

  14. nice..

  15. Sexy boy…………..i want to play with his cock

  16. So long sausage till he needs 2 hands to cum fuuly wow

  17. i love him

  18. very cute

  19. exsoduss_pc says:

    sexy guy :p thank you McFish

  20. Facial expression nicely in tune with the body. The webcam being a static recorder, however, dissects the act into a sheer endless succession of still pics, and the erotic feeling gets lost. What a pity !. – Rabbit

  21. bigicecream says:

    hot!!! why his face to sexy when he is masturbating….

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