Behind The Scene – Thai Model John

Hi guys! I’m so sorry about the down time in the fast couple of days. At least only Asian boys is up and running again. As I said before, there will be more. I’m going to change a few more things which will take time since I moved from a different software. The site isn’t quite complete yet so let me know if you see any issue. I will manage the tags and categories. I’ve been adding tags for a while but still couldnt get through all 1.4k posts lol.Those things just take a lot of time and I wont be around this weekend.

I’ve got a behind the scene clip of a Thai magazine photo shoot. I think I posted some of his photos here before but couldnt find it. Anyway let me know if the site is slower, faster or the same for you.

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. I like the new look, it seems to run at the same speed for me.

  2. etherson etherson says:

    As usual, it seems ok, no doubt at all.

  3. teu ka tempo

  4. nice pics! ;D

  5. If he were to run for public office- this porn (from his past) wouldn’t count as a scandal. He has managed to appear non-obscene in this rather”wholesome” jerk-off video heh.
    Still, it was a pleasure to see him cum. T.Y.

  6. Anonymous says:

    McFish, do you have any news or updates on Joe Pongsatorn. If you do, please publish them. He is rather cute and vey desirable. Thanks.

  7. สวัสดีครับ
    love u superman
    i need mock cock

  8. rikter says:

    I Love

  9. i can’t download any videos.
    the link posted is not working???
    i can download before but now it’s not working.

  10. Who cares. As long as there is a, piece of the site. That’s all I need. Stay as, awesome as you are, and keep me loaded with, sweet Asians.

  11. superb !!! a circumcised Thai tower this time!!!!!

  12. tele_arman says:


  13. handsome but !! a lot to be desired from the vid.

  14. cute heeee

  15. com.charles says:

    I love behind the scenes vids :)

  16. thai is beautiful

  17. sexy n cute

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