One More Pinoy Show Boy

Hi there…just one more Pinoy show boy for today!! Hope you dont get sick of these show boys yet. This set looks sort of funny to me lol

McFish Loves Asian Boys

One More Pinoy Show Boy, 8.6 out of 10 based on 30 ratings


  1. This guy’s doin the Hellboy theme infused with Saiyuki. Chyeah mcfish i aint gettin sick of dem showboys :)

  2. This guy’s doin the hellboy theme infused with journey to the west. Yessir i aint gettin sick of dem showboys :)

  3. #4: his dick looks quite unhealthy.
    I would NOT like to meet this quy, no way…. :-((

  4. Bad circumcision exactly. Many pinoys get circumcised because of the culture. Some of the circumcision is done REALLY badly. I’m sick of this western bullshit, I want to take all our awful western influences out of the PI. I want my foreskin back -.-

    • AznLover says:

      You guys are crazy! His dick is awesome…it’s just fat and meaty. It looks different because of the big head. I’m against circumcision anyway, but I definitely have no problems that guy.

      Regardless, should we be critiquing his member? Each one is unique and special. :)

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