Smoking Asian Guy

Hi there! How are you doing? Got a smoking Asian guy for today :) Been working like crazy here but I booked my real holiday late March already! :D Yes I’m coming back here again 27 March (Will be back in Australia 3 March for this trip lol) I also booked a trip to Laos too! Went there in 2008 and cant wait to go back.

Anyway hope you guys have a lovely day!

McFish Loves Asian Boys

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  1. The cigarette is a turn-off

  2. AsianMen4Me AsianMen4Me says:

    This is fucking gross. Who thinks smoking is cool besides stupid rednecks?

  3. Im not against smoking but why the eff its emphasized here like its hella sexy

  4. Is there is an ethnic group addicted to smoking is the Chinese!!!
    So the remark about rednecks is out of place!!
    The model has a gorgeous natural body, there is nothing
    more attractive than these Chinese low class hoodlooms.
    Sexy boy!!


  5. I hate cigarrete.

  6. Relax ladies. Don’t be so judgmental about about what other people like. When you start dating this guy, you can start complaining about his smoking!

  7. Mario Lopez MARIO LOPEZ says:

    ♥ CUTE ♥

  8. YOU So hot guy. You make me so hot Babe
    pls add me in facebook

  9. This guy’s so hot, he makes me want to start chain-smoking!

  10. Do not smoke and do not like people who smoke.

    This guy is very sexy, better that some other plastic models presented in these pages, good photo of his buttomhole!!! One of the best I have seen!!!

  11. Fuckin' Perfect says:

    I don’t like him, Bad face, not handsome. But I love his dick and black around lol.

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